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About Megaphones Plus

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Welcome to Megaphones Plus

We are an online store selling battery-powered megaphones, personal PA systems, portable PA systems (either battery or mains powered, including replacement batteries and spare parts) to suit marriage celebrants, schools, sporting clubs, community organisations (Rotary, Probus, Lions, etc), and also tour guide systems (EG: buses/boats/4WD, and for personal factory tours). Soon we will add more of everything! We are Australian owned and operated, and until 2017 we were also selling from our shop Merrylands Music, in Sydney’s western suburbs. We are now online-only.
All products are freighted either directly from our facility here in western Sydney, or occasionally sent direct from our Australian suppliers.

Who needs Megaphones?

Schools and workplaces are at the top of the list, as many need numerous megaphones for fire and evacuation purposes. While the main purpose of a megaphone is for safety and OHS requirements, they have come to be used for many other reasons ranging from sports coaching, protests and rallies, spruiking and directing traffic to fire drills and marshalling students at bus stops and “Kiss & Drop“ zones. We have even sold a megaphone to a customer looking to yell at a local rowing club who kept waking him up at 6am by using their own megaphone!
Megaphones allow the user to communicate easily and loudly, to groups of students, employees, athletes, shoppers etc.