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What’s the difference between a Personal PA System and a Portable PA System?

When is it better to use a Megaphone?

Is there an inexpensive way of talking to passengers on my bus without taking my hands off the wheel?

Basically, it all boils down to the reason you have come to this website… What do you want to do?


If you are a Civil Celebrant for example, then you certainly don’t want the penetrating sound of a megaphone! A battery-powered Portable P.A. system will give you high quality audio anywhere – on the beach, in a botanic garden or on a mountain top.


Or are you a teacher who is losing his/her voice (and the attention of the class)? Check out our Personal PA systems.

Schools & Sports

Are you organising a school sports carnival, coaching, or planning a rally or demonstration? Then you need a megaphone. This is is the full-size megaphones’ home ground, being loud enough to get attention up to 700 metres away. Smaller megaphones can also be handy for marshaling the school bus queues and parent parking. For the ultimate playground-duty aid, check out the Chiayo Coach 400.


Do you need a high-power megaphone for emergency use? Our Alert-Evac megaphone can help there.

Walking Tours

For large-group walking tours (or wildlife parks, zoos, etc) the Coach 400 Portable P.A. also comes into its own for high power but with better quality than a megaphone. Repetitive messages can be played from USB, and a wireless microphone is also an option.

Small-group walking tours in relatively quiet areas (for example historic walks, cave tours) will appreciated hearing you using a Chiayo iTalk. This is the same Personal PA unit that is excellent in classrooms.

Tour Drivers for Bus, Boat or Off-Road?

Finally, for use in that tour-bus or boat, have a look at our Driver-Mic… for safe, hands-free communication with your paying customers!

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