Chiayo Coach 400 portable P.A. (basic model) FREE SHIPPING! (out of stock till March)


The Chiayo Coach 400 is ideal P.A. for sports coaching and crowd control – better audio quality than a megaphone, but just as L-O-U-D!

(And has Alert Tones too!)


Out of stock

If you are a sports coach, school playground supervisor, or walking tour-guide and you want a better-sounding unit than a megaphone, then the Chiayo Coach 400 could be what you need.

At just 1.6kg and not much larger than a “dolphin” torch, the Coach is remarkably powerful putting out enough volume to handle an audience of 100+ with its 25watts RMS (40watts max) of high-quality audio. The Coach also features two “Alert” tones coming in handy for crowd marshaling and emergency drills.

In standard form, the Coach 400 includes a hand-held plug-in microphone, shoulder strap, built-in lithium battery pack (giving 5-10 hours use),  240v charger, and a lead to enable you to plug in your phone, tablet etc for external MP3 file playback.

A wireless hand-held, lapel, or headset microphone is also an option. Email us for more info.

Also optionally available with USB2 port and LCD screen (for audio file playback). Email us for more info.

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Power: 25 Watt RMS (40-watt max)
Batteries: Has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery pack supplying up to 5-6 hours music, up to 10 hours talk-time between recharges.
Range: 100m+ talk
Use for: up to 200 people indoors, 100+ people outdoors