Chiayo Coach 400 portable P.A. (basic model) FREE DELIVERY! (Basic model is BACK IN STOCK). Wireless mic with or without USB models are available- email us for details)


The Chiayo Coach 400 is the ideal P.A. for sports coaching and crowd control – better audio quality than a megaphone, but just as L-O-U-D!

(And has two built-in emergency Alert Tones too!)

If you are a sports coach, school playground supervisor, or walking tour-guide and you want a better-sounding unit than a megaphone, then the Chiayo Coach 400 could be what you need.

At just 1.6kg and not much larger than a “dolphin” torch, the Coach is remarkably powerful putting out enough volume to handle an audience of 100+ with its 25watts RMS (40watts max) of high-quality audio. The Coach also features two “Alert” tones coming in handy for crowd marshalling and emergency drills.

In standard form, the Coach 400 includes a small hand-held plug-in microphone, shoulder strap, built-in lithium battery pack (giving 5-10 hours use),  240v charger, and a lead to enable you to plug in your phone, tablet etc for external MP3 file playback.

Basic model is BACK IN STOCK. Wireless mic model with or without USB is available- email us for details

A wireless hand-held, lapel, or headset microphone is also an option. Email us for more info

Also optionally available with USB2 port and LCD screen (for audio file playback). Email us for more info.

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Power: 25 Watt RMS (40-watt max)
Batteries: Built-in, easily replaced, rechargeable lithium battery pack supplying up to 5-6 hours music, up to 10 hours talk-time between recharges from the included 240v charger.
Range: 100m+ Talk, 200m+ Siren
Use for: up to 200 people indoors, 100+ people outdoors.

Popular with walking tours, school playground monitoring, sports coaching, emergency WHS,

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions20.5 × 15 × 15 cm