Chiayo Focus 505 Pro PA Unit – Celebrant Package 1. FREE SHIPPING


Chiayo Focus 505 Pro – Celebrant Package 1
After being in the Australian market for around 10 years, where it became the most popular portable PA system for marriage and civil service celebrants, the Chiayo Focus 505 is now lighter, more powerful, louder, and with longer battery life than ever!

Still just 12″ tall, it now weighs just 3.8kgs and is 15% more powerful, enabling outdoor weddings with audiences of up to 150 to be heard by every guest (dependent on conditions of course). Indoor presentations for up to 200 people are easily accomplished with the Focus 505 Pro.

Measuring just 313mm(H) x 220mm(W) x 215mm(D) the Focus 505 Pro is one of the smallest professional-quality portable PAs available.


High quality Portable PA in “basic” form but packaged with microphone and stand for celebrants on a budget.

  • Chiayo Focus 505 Pro PA 42watts RMS (70w max)
  • Padded carry bag with large pockets
  • Built-in Bluetooth player for wireless connection to your phone or other device
  • Built-in SD/USB Player-Recorder with remote control
  • MP3/Auxiliary lead for connection to your device (music source)
  • Lightweight Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (up to 20 hours talk-time)
  • 240v Battery charger
  • Folding tripod-stand
  • Plug-in dynamic hand-held microphone on 6m lead
  • FREE DELIVERY Australia-Wide!

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