Chiayo iTalk Personal PA System – includes rechargeable NiMH batteries – INCLUDING DELIVERY anywhere in Australia!


The Chiayo iTalk is a shoulder-slung or belt-worn 10watt voice amplifier that is ideal for teachers who move around the room whilst teaching. Also suitable for close-group tour guide such as Zoo’s and outdoor walking tours. Price includes delivery anywhere in Australia.



The Chiayo iTalk is a shoulder-slung 10-watt voice amplifier that is ideal for teachers talking to a classroom of students while walking around the room using the included hands-free headset microphone.

It can also be used outdoors by tour guides of small walking groups such as zoos, garden clubs, history tours etc.

Using the INCLUDED rechargeable batteries and 240v charger, you will get up to 8-10 hours talk-time between charges – BUT if you have forgotten to charge it, it will also run happily on 4x AA regular nor alkaline batteries.

ATTENTION TEACHERS: There are many studies around the world indicating that use of voice amplification in classrooms has a significant and positive effect on students’ comprehension as well as on classroom behaviour. Email us for an info sheet.

We have sold the iTalk to tour groups such as council-run tours of historical areas; Zoos that give informative tours to their visitors (EG: petting zoos); and even library tours! (Hello-ooo Real Estate agents!) Also ideal for persons with vocal problems.


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