Redback 15watt PA Amplifier for Tour Bus/Ferry/4WD – Includes freight in Australia!


The Redback A4017 is an Australian-Made stand-alone PA Amplifier that will suit any 12v vehicle. Click the “Description” tab below for more information.


The Redback A4017 is a stand-alone Public Address (PA) Amplifier that will suit any 12v vehicle. MADE IN AUSTRALIA with 10 year manufacturers warranty!

Optional Add-Ons:

If you require either a hand-held microphone with 4.5m lead ($50 add-on, usually $59+freight) or a Dynamic Headset microphone ($70 add-on, usually $79.95 including freight) you MUST email us and we will send you an Invoice.

Add-ons cannot currently be purchased via the website at the discounted freight-free prices.

If you email us, Add-Ons will be discounted and will not incur extra freight. So, make sure you email prior to purchase and we will send you an invoice.

NOTE: If your existing stereo system has EITHER a 3.5mm socket marked as “Aux In” or “MP3”, OR *has an unused pair of RCA Inputs on the rear, then ask us about our Driver-Mic tour bus headset microphone at just $169 (*or $179) delivered, and no need for the A4017 amplifier!

However, the Driver-Mic can also be used with the 4017 PA using the Aux/Music Input socket or using the RCA inputs on the rear, enabling a non-driving tour guide to speak as well as the driver.


This PA should be installed by a qualified installer, especially if you intend to use the existing speakers, to prevent overloading the output stage of both PA and Stereo system units, which would void both warranties.

This PA system requires that the impedance of the speakers must total no less than 4 ohms, and no more than 16 ohms. Regardless of whether or not you are planning to use your existing speakers, it is imperative that you know the total speaker impedance. Note: This is NOT as simple as adding up the “Ohms” as indicated on the back of your speakers. It depends on whether your speakers are wired in Series or wired in Parallel. If you don’t know, then get an auto-electrician to check.

Our recommendation would be to use different speakers for the Stereo system and the PA system, so as to avoid any impedance-related issues.

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