Replacement Padded Carry Bag for Chiayo Focus 500 or 505 or 505 Pro – FREE SHIPPING!


Carry bag for Chiayo Focus 500, 505, and 505 Pro

Replacement Padded Carry Bag for Chiayo Focus 500, or 505, or 505 Pro.

This well thought out carry-bag has a shoulder strap, carry-handle, two large pockets (for microphones, 240v charger, leads, and anything else you may need. It even has a hole in the bottom so you can leave your Focus in the bag and still place it on your Focus stand (in case the weather looks a bit threatening). The rear panel is zippered for access to all of the PA’s controls and the front panel is a woven mesh allowing for maximum sound transfer whilst being as safe from the elements as possible.

It is exactly the same as the one that came with your Chiayo Focus.